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7 ways mindfulness meditation improves your life

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

There are numerous scientific studies that have shown benefits against a variety of conditions, both mental and physical. We'll concentrate on those who offered indisputable proof from scientists. But first, what is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness refers to being in the present moment, shifting your focus and appreciating the things around you while accepting them exactly for what they are. So, setting aside mental distractions and being grateful for the present moment is the core of mindfulness. While there are many variations of the form on how one should accomplish this, the ultimate goal stays the same.

Now, let's focus on the benefits, and these are some of them:

1. Lowering depression

Meditation has been linked to changing a certain brain regions linked to depression, specifically medial prefrontal cortex and amygdala. Studies show that these two go in hyperdrive when stressed. Medial prefrontal cortex is the center of perception of yourself, how do you process information about yourself and the amygdala is tasked as a center of one's fears. Working together, they can cause depression.

Studies have shown that meditation disrupts the communication between these two, thus impacting the one's ability to feel depressed. Meditation doesn't necessarily banish "bad thoughts", rather is a tool for your brain's ability to cope with them.

2. Managing anxiety

People with anxiety generally have a problem of controlling the impact that negative thoughts have on them. They are overwhelmed by worries and many of them have poor sleep and trouble concentrating. Meditation helps control the thought flow by diminishing the power that negative thoughts have over one's mental state. The ability to calm the mind allows for a clearer perspective on things, resulting in reducing ones anxiety levels.

3. Helping with chronic pain

The vast number of studies, from which only a handful count as credible, investigated the impact of meditation on people with chronic pain. It's been shown that meditation improves the one's mental state sufficiently, allowing him to cope with his problem easier. Facts have proved that persisting in daily mindfulness practice is a relieving factor for pain relief.

4. Overcoming an addiction

If you've had a nicotine addiction, you'll know how hard it is to live nicotine free. The brain's prefrontal cortex is the center of happiness, the one that is fed with addiction. When trying to go off the substance, the result is often unfavorable to it, resulting the one to feel "down". But, since meditation is a natural way to get the prefrontal cortex stimulated again, or, get him "high" and happy, allowing you to feel well without addictive substances.

5. Reducing stress

Modern way of living has many benefits that would be too great to list here, but it also brought some unwanted downsides. In a society that's always in a rush, the unwanted byproduct was excessive stress. Meditation helps manage that by offering the individual to "unplug", giving him more time for himself and calming the body and the mind, so that, when you do "plug back in", you're relaxed and charged to pursue all the endeavors you like. Feeling recharged and relieved certainly plays a great role in functioning better at home, work or when in a company.

6. Improving focus

Regular practitioners have been found to have thickened their brain and improved the connection between their brain cells. Allowing one to think clearly allows him to focus easier and function better. Since meditation is a form of training for the brain, it's no wonder how the brain gets stronger day by day.

7. Improving our overall well-being

Improving sleep, slowing down the cognitive effects of aging, supporting the immune system, reducing blood pressure, playing the active role in improving one's ability to process information. The benefits of meditation are numerous and play a crucial role in one's well being, allowing an individual to lead a happier, less stressful life.

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