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Buddhist Boot Camp

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

by Timber Hawkeye

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Though cover can be a bit misleading, this is not a military personnel only book. This is written for anyone who's looking a short, concise introduction into understanding Buddhism in a clear, practical way.

The book is a collection of thoughts and is there to help you be more forgiving, calm, centered. The idea is that you don't need to "clear your mind" in order to meditate, rather embracing that your mind is going to wander and learning how to control that.

The recurring theme of this book is that easy way isn't always the best way. The key is in balance and discipline, training the mind to obey you and taking control over your thoughts. Although these expressions may sound military and it does have some military traits, rest assured that it works.

Short and easily digestible chapters make this book easy to absorb, without requiring you to be Buddhist in order to understand it. It does originate and focus on Buddhism, but on the way of living and thinking, and is written so that anyone can read and apply concepts from it.

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