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Meditation for Relaxation

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

60 Meditative Practices to Reduce Stress, Cultivate Calm, and Improve Sleep

by Adam O'Neill

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In a middle of a crazy busy day, a minute or two for relaxing the mind is always greatly appreciated. Through his book, Adam O'Neill goes into what, how and why of meditation, through the book's 3 sections.

Through the chapters Theory into practice, 60 meditations and Minutes to mindfulness you'll be covering lots of meditations to help you relax, at a quiet place in your house or trying to manage a stressful situation at work, the principles can be applied anywhere.

The book can be read in small chunks, you can find the meditations you like and adjust the time you can devote to them, from 5 to 15 minutes. The aim is to calm your body and mind, leading to improved sleep and quality of life through practical implementations into the daily routine.

The book is easy to read, pretty short at 160 pages, and a joy to go through. It's a good collection suitable for everyone interested in meditation.

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