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Meditation Made Easy

by Lorin Roche

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This book was published back in 1998 and contains the very basics of meditation without any additional rigid rules or traditions that you're likely to encounter.

The book alters between discussion and exercise. The thing that makes this book so easy to recommend is that you don't have to play by anybody's rules in order to meditate. You'll feel like you're being slowly guided by the teacher at your side, so that meditation doesn't feel weird or unnatural.

One of the goals of the books is to make you feel good about meditating, making a slip into meditative state as natural as possible, thus debunking the myth that meditation is inherently uncomfortable or hard. The book is a mix of discussion and exercises, so the reader is guided slowly through it.

Cutting to the very basics, without forming strings to any religion or philosophy, the author presents the practice as basic as possible, making the reader simply like it. The book is just that, how to make meditation easy. The experienced practitioners may find this book too easy, but that makes it perfect for a newcomer to meditation to experience it in it's simplest form.

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