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Practical Meditation for Beginners: 10 Days to a Happier, Calmer You

by Benjamin W. Decker

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Another great starter book for meditation is Benjamin W. Decker's Practical Meditation for Beginners.

It's really short, straightforward, simple guide to get you started on meditation. You'll get acquainted with 10 different ways on how to practice meditation in just 10 days. You can select which one's are the best for you and practice them. At the end of each chapter there is space for journaling, preparation steps for meditation practice. Each chapter has a "what you need" and "how to get you started". The information presented in this book is sound and easy to follow for everyone.

The variety of meditations and the in-depth explanations make them stick. By carving out 15-20 minutes for 10 days and finding a calm place, you'll be presented with a succinct, clear way on how to start practicing.

Clearly aimed at beginners, the vast majority of seasoned practitioners may find this all too familiar. Still, it's a solid starting point for anyone wanting to establish a long-term practice of meditation in 10 day chunks.

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