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Updated: Aug 10

75 Essential Meditations to Reduce Stress, Improve Mental Health, and Find Peace in the Everyday

by Matthew Sockolov

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If you're thinking that you simply don't have enough time throughout the day for a 15 minute split with your thoughts, whether you have got a busy schedule or are unable to search out for a quiet spot to exercise some peace and quiet, the aforementioned is that right book you've been looking for.

The book itself can best be described as a practical guide on mindfulness. In this book you'll find various exercises that are 5-15 minutes long and can be done from anywhere. Seriously, you can be sitting in a busy traffic jam and still do them, no problem! Although, paying attention to the road is a must, too.

The methods are easy to understand, the style is so soothing to assist you to just slip into practicing mindfulness effortlessly. You can pick between 75 of them and practice the one's that suit you the most.

Methods of mindfulness are presented clearly, concisely and are perfect for any beginner that's dwelling whether to step into the wonderful life of meditation. It teaches you to be energized, compassionate, caring.


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