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The Warrior's Meditation

Updated: 2 days ago

The Best-Kept Secret in Self-Improvement, Cognitive Enhancement, and Stress Relief, Taught by a Master of Four Samurai Arts (Total Embodiment Method TEM) by Richard L. Haight

Get your copy on Amazon here : https://amzn.to/2Pgq1va

Flexibility of meditation and the easiness to practice it daily deters people off from actually trying in the first place. The Warrior's Meditation, however, shows us that, once you've mastered the basics, meditation can be practiced multiple times a day, anywhere!

The author presents Total Embodiment Method for meditation (TEM). Trough short, daily sessions you'll get all the benefits of meditation without the actual need to retreat from life to practice it. The flexibility of it makes it a great addition. By keeping it simple and being consistent you have all that it takes to practice meditation anywhere, anytime.

The paperback version of this book starts from $13.50 and is #1 Best-Seller in Mind-Body connection. We definitely recommend reading it!


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